MicroMol zieht um! - MicroMol is moving!

Liebe Kunden, Lieferanten und Geschäftspartner!

Unser Labor bleibt am 24. und 31.12.2015 sowie am 06.01.2016 wegen der anstehenden Feiertage geschlossen.

Letzte Annahme für Lebensmittelproben ist der 21.12.2015. Im neuen Jahr nehmen wir Ihre Lebensmittelproben wieder ab dem 11.01.2016 entgegen.

Alle anderen Proben versenden Sie bitte erst in Absprache mit unseren Mitarbeitern.

Wir wünschen Ihnen ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Start ins neue Jahr!

Ihr MicroMol-Team

- - - - - -

Dear customers, suppliers and business partners!

Our office will be closed for the upcoming public holidays on 24th and 31th December 2015 and on 6th January 2016.

Last delivery for food samples is on 21th December 2015. In the new year we receive your food samples from the 11th January 2016.

Please send all other samples only in consultation with our staff.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your MicroMol-Team

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Liebe Kunden, Lieferanten und Geschäftspartner,

MicroMol ist umgezogen! Wir sind ab sofort unter neuer Adresse zu erreichen:

MicroMol GmbH
Am Hubengut 3
76149 Karlsruhe

Unsere Telefon- und Mail-Adressen bleiben unverändert.

- - - - - -

Dear customers, suppliers and business partners,

MicroMol has moved! You can reach us at our new address:

MicroMol GmbH
Am Hubengut 3
D-76149 Karlsruhe

Our telephone numbers and mail addresses remain unchanged.

MicroMol presents “The fine art of life science” to you!

We never wanted to conduct only routine-analyses. Our high-class staff loves to solve difficult problems. Consequently we established ourselves as service provider within challenging topics using the possibilities of our different laboratories.
That was 18 years ago.

Meanwhile we are one of the most conversant laboratories 
e.g. in phage detection, cell line generation, cytotoxicity testing, a.o.

Of course any of our laboratories offers conventional analyses for different matrices as well, exercising due care.

Our think tank provides innovative ideas in combination with a thorough understanding of market, regulatory and quality demands. Our products are simple examples for our innovation and the quality of our work.

For questions according Food Industries please vistit our food-lab and consulting department at www.FPQS.de [MicroMol Laboratorien, Karlsruhe / Labor MicroMol]

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Implementation of a perpetual human skin model for biocompatibility testing of medical devices,...[more]

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